A List of Amish Taxpayers in Pennsylvania

Did you know that
  • by action of the Pennsylvania Assembly in 1717, all German immigrants who landed in Philadelphia were required to swear or affirm allegiance to the British King?
  • sixty years later, and one year after the Declaration of the Independence by the American Colonies, those same immigrants were required by law to renounce loyalty to the British King and, instead, swear or affirm allegiance to the Commonwealth to Pennsylvania?
  • the conscience of the German Amish and Mennonite immigrants faced a dilemma about which government to honor and in regard to demands for supplies in the Revolutionary War?
  • the early Amish Mennonites of the Casselman Valley in Somerset County came there from from Berks County where they had been in the midst of the dilemmas mentioned above?
The current issue (April 2017) of The Historian carries an article by author and historian S. Duane Kauffman in which he deals with those dilemmas. He includes a list of some Amish tax payers whom the Pennsylvania government considered as Tories (favoring Britain over independence of the colonies.)  Kauffman is author of various historical articles and books, including the 472-page Mifflin County Amish and Mennonite Story. (For subscription to The Historian, click the Subscribe button of this website.)
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