Bloggers Wanted Here

If you would like to blog multiple times per year for the Casselman Historians website on Amish and Mennonite historical topics related to the Casselman River Valley area, we'd like to hear from you. Email Kevin Miller, and we'll get you set up. Nothing fancy or long needed on these blogs — just interesting observations or questions or short descriptions of research you are doing. We can help guide you through the technical side of posting blogs if you are not tech savvy, or you can simple submit your posts as Word email attachments and we'll post them on the website for you.


You might blog about topics like:

  • an historic Bible or spinning wheel
  • a question about a missing name in a genealogy
  • food and family recipees and hospitality
  • an article in Mennonite Family or another history magazine
  • an interesting character in your family history
  • a conference you attended
  • a conversation you had related to Amish and Mennonite history
  • the story of a family that has lived in a house for successive generations
  • what a mother wrote in letters to children who had moved out of the Casselman River Valley
  • a chest or plate that has been handed down through the generations
  • a grave marker in a certain cemetery
  • a theological belief of a certain preacher
  • a photo of a certain immigrant ancestor

You could also use your post to ask readers a question and then blog about the responses and replies you received on that question.


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