An Unusual Funeral And Its Significance

The April 20, 1922 issue of the Meyersdale Republican featured an editorial about a funeral service in the Amish community of the Casselman River Valley.  Last year I wrote about Amish veterinarian Rufus M. Beachy and the funeral in question was that of his wife and son.  Rufus’ wife Lydia and son Jonas were killed on April 6, 1922, after being struck by a freight train at the Meyersdale, Pennsylvania train station.  The nature of the tragedy and the popularity… Read More »

Facts About That Amish Conference

A few weeks ago I posted a 1912 article from the Meyersdale Republican that reported on the second annual Conservative Amish Mennonite Conference held in Grantsville, Maryland.  I have since discovered that a participant at that conference – Jonas B. Miller of Grantsville – did write a letter to the editor correcting some errors that were noted in the newspaper story.  This letter to the editor appeared the following week in the June 13, 1912 issue. ______________________________________________ FACTS ABOUT THAT… Read More »

Quaint Wedding In Amish Church

The September 23, 1920 issue of the Meyersdale Republican contained an article about an Amish wedding in the Casselman River Valley.  For the Amish, “A wedding is an elaborate affair, for the whole community has a stake in the marriage.  It means a new home … and another family committed to rearing children in the Amish way of life.” [1]  This article paints a vivid picture of the typical structure and form of a large Amish wedding – in particular… Read More »

Amish Church Decides To Found Orphanage

The June 6, 1912, edition of the Meyersdale Republican featured a short article about the second meeting of the newly developing Conservative Amish Mennonite Conference held in the Casselman River Valley near Grantsville, Maryland.  The article was written by newspaperwoman Sara Roberta Getty and contains an outsider’s perspective on the local Amish. The Mennonite Encyclopedia Online says of this meeting:  “Attending were 16 ordained men from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, and Missouri. For the most part, those participating… Read More »

No Amish In Jury Wheel

One of my favorite tools to use when researching for genealogical or historical information is the online collection   Their website advertises that they have 200+ million pages of historical newspapers from 4,900+ newspapers – At it’s easy and convenient to search or browse the collection to find news, notices of births, marriages and deaths, sports, comics and much more. Searching the site for names, locations and terms relevant to the history of the Casselman River Valley Amish and… Read More »