Wonderings about Movements

I apologize for my lack of contribution to the blog here in recent time. My study of past generations has been superseded by my care for the next one.     During my study of the bishop Jacob Swartzendruber in 2014, David I. mailed a copy of a 1948 letter from D.B. Swartzendruber to Jonas B. Miller.  D.B. had been requesting information regarding his great-grandfather, the aforementioned Jacob Swartzendruber. One line of this letter was cause for personal reflection:  … Read More »

An 19th Century Amishman’s Diary of 3 Months at Sea: “The Captain Does Not Always Tell the Truth.”

For the September presentation on 19th Century Amish bishop, Jacob Swartzendruber, much research could not be presented due to time constraints. This included some fascinating details regarding the Swartzendruber family’s 1833 immigration to the United States from their home near Mengeringhausen in Waldeck, Germany.  Swartzendruber’s stepson, Daniel Gingerich, kept a diary during this trip across the Atlantic and it’s been republished several times. He wrote, “On the 9th of May 1833 we started on the great journey. We wanted to start… Read More »