Herold der Warheit Obituaries 1941-1975 Now Available

Herold der Warheit Obituaries 1941-1975 are now available for reading and research, thanks to Jim Yoder. He had previously compiled Herold der Warheit obituaries from 1912 - 1940. This additional compilation gives us a total span of 63 years of these obituaries, such as the one below for Marvin Bender. Find the complete set here or by clicking on the "Books & Resources" tab in the navigation bar above.

2-1-1953 Bender. – Marvin Laray, [La Ray] son of Harvey and Elva (Yoder) Bender, was born June 24, 1932, near Grantsville, Md. Died January 12, 1953, at the parental home at Bittinger, Md., at the age of 20 years, 6 months and 19 days. On confession of his faith, he was baptized on August 12, 1945, and became a member of the Conservative A.M. church at the Maple Glen house of worship near Grantsville, Md., in which communion he died. He had not been in the best of health since childhood and his health had been further impaired by an accident in 1950. Impaired heart action deprived him from enjoying life in all its youthful aspects of strength and vitality but he tried to accept cheerfully that which was his to bear. Pneumonia brought on the close of his young life. He was preceded in death by one infant brother in 1935 and by his grandfather, Harvey S. Yoder, and Grandmother, Mrs. C. W. Bender. He is survived by his parents, brothers (Sanford Eldon and Lowell Everet), and one sister (Ida Idella), grandfather Bender and many other more distant relatives and friends. Funeral services were held on January 16. At the home they were in charge of Paul Yoder and at the Maple Glen house of worship in charge of Mark Peachey, with Ivan Miller preaching the sermon. Interment was made in adjoining cemetery.



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  1. Kathie Lund says:

    Jim Yoder has done a wonderful service to all of us with compiling these obituaries. His work is much appreciated.

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