Samuel J Beachy handwritten letter July 1893

Samuel J Beachy handwritten letter July 1893


 (written in English at top of page 1)

 Grantsville, Maryland, July 3, 1893

Monday, 5:00 P.M.

 Today Manasse and I had a

long talk together and our

understanding was that it is not right

for you much longer to be without

making effort for a

church to be started. For without a church

service, one should not be and when

one wants to do something, then

a beginning must be made.

So we would also counsel you that,

with the help of the Lord, by this fall,

you try to make a beginning

two ministers and one

deacon to choose.

We hope and believe that the

Lord will find such from among you

whom He is pleased to have in His ministry.

Although there are not many of you,

We hope and believe that those

who now are there are willing

to submit themselves completely to the Lord’s will

Page 2

and to be entirely in unity

with the old [order] church

regulations and order [ordnung] in all points.

So we hope and believe that

in this regard there is nothing to fear,

as it often appears too much

to be the case, that some will vote

for those whom they hope will preach

what tickles their ears.

If it comes so far that ministers

would be called [to officiate] and the Valley19

ministers were not willing to serve you

unless you leave the Pennsylvania church,

then Manasse would serve you

if he possibly can. As I said,

we want to remain with those who

in lowliness and humility keep house20

and the ban and shunning based in God’s

Word. Whether they have church houses

or whether they do not have church houses,

we want, by God’s Word, with the regulations

and order [ordnung]21 remain, with the help of the Lord.

  1. B. [Samuel Beachy]

[The following is written at the top of the

last page of the letter, inverted:]

Beloved ones, I hope you can, to this, say yes and amen.


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